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Ad placement at No Charge

Ad Placement at No Charge - Caribbean Marketing & Advertising & Promotion Strategies SPECIFIC to the Caribbean - Rich Sadler - Caribbean Marketing Director 2014-08-29 18-13-37
Make Your Phone Ring and Your CashRegister Sing!
Whether you own or operate a small or medium sized business, correctly marketing, advertising and promotions can make all the difference in the world. The challenge however knowing every dollar you are investing is going to work hard for you… work to increase your bottom line.

How to never again be an advertising victim!

Caribbean Marketing Director offers a very unique service. We will review
your ads, brochures, rack cards, business cards, websites, banners, social media
profiles, whatever… and give you feedback.

Plus as an added Bonus we will place your ads for FREE. That’s right we will review your
advertising campaign, offer recommendations and will even place your ads in the correct medium (radio, TV, Newspaper, etic) at absolutely no charge!

Too good to be true? Quite the contrary. Full Disclosure: We make our funds when we place your ads. We’ll perform our analysis of your ad campaign and may find something we can help with certainly. However the bigger point is when we place your ads not only can you be assured that the wording and style will be correct and proper for the situation and audience but the ads will be placed correctly for the greatest impact possible!
You quite literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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