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It’s estimated there’s nearly 14 million Internet users in the various countries and territories of the Caribbean. Some put those number far higher.  You would think with those kinds of numbers more Caribbean business owners would be moving forward rapidly to capitalize on this growing trend.

How about social media? One example is there are nearly 7 Facebook subscribers in the Caribbean according to the latest statistics we’ve seen. Keep in mind, that’s just simply subscribers, it doesn’t include those who visit this massively impactful website or interact yet don’t actually subscribe.

And what about the visitors to our shores?

According to the State of the Industry Report by the Caribbean Tourism Organization the Caribbean welcomed more than 25 million stay-over visitors last year, up from 24.6 million in 2012. The US Virgin Islands office tourism website alone boasts 43,502 Facebook fans with 89.1% of them being from the US mainland itself. So why don’t more Caribbean business owners step up and start utilizing these important resources?

Caribbean Tourism Orginzation

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After all, Social Media is FREE!

Mostly likely is simply complacency and simply lack of knowledge. Many Caribbean businesses believe THEY are their customers. Nothing is further from the truth. Regardless if you have been in business a short while or a long time it’s time to understand that the marketing game has changed. Not only are we bombarded by advertising massages (I’ve given the stats in former blog posts) but we must connect. It’s time to get more involved and a part of your prospect’s and client’s lives. And in today’s emerging marketplace, there is no better way to accomplish this than the internet and social media.

It’s no secret that marketing, advertising and promoting into the Caribbean marketplace is different than that of the States, Canada and even Europe. Whether you are seeking to reach the 43.6 Million permanent residents or the vast tourism market you better be well-armed when deploying marketing techniques.

Facebook for Business CARIBBEAN

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Image if you could tap on a market of nearly 70 million people; active, responsive and with money to spend and interested in what you have to sell!

Now for the first time, whether you own or operate a Caribbean business of seek to reach those who visit the Caribbean, you can have for you and your business the precise Marketing mythology on exactly how to reach and influence this vast market.

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