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If you could use only ONE marketing tactic – what would it be (and why)? Reprint Manager’s Choice


In one of the forum groups on LinkedIN a Top Contributor, Holger Schulze posed the question above. It intrigued me enough to proffer my own considered answer. I add it here for everyone’s edification and comments.

Herein lays, in my estimation, an industry misnomer. Approaching any type or style of marketing as a TACTIC is mistake number one. Advertising is tactical, which is why so many become advertising victims (i.e. lose money see no or little results).

Meaning a business owner or manager places an ad in the local newspaper / national magazine, or a spot on radio or television or outdoor promotions like billboard, magnet on your vehicles, flyers on windshields, a post on Facebook or Twitter, etc.

Marketing on the other hand, when done correctly is STRATEGIC. Its big-picture! It’s how your business, your products, your services are perceived by everyone: not just the buying public but how your business and its spawn is seen by your staff, your suppliers, etc. Its EVERYTHING; including the culmination of advertising tactics above as well how a customer/client/patient is greeted when s/he arrives at your place of business, its what’s being heard when a customer is placed on hold on your telephone system, it’s your email campaigns, it’s your follow up systems, it’s your client reactivation systems, it’s each of your matching social media signal headers, it’s your email signatures, it’s the type, style and color of your business and products logos, your staff uniforms, the Thank You cards you send out, your promotional pens and key-chains you hand out at the next industry expo or seminar. And of course proper and results-driven marketing strategy is the exact, tweaked and refined script your entire sales team articulates with perfection when they perform the next client visit or sales call.

So in answer to the question: If I could use only ONE marketing tactic – what would it be (and why)? It would be to properly deploy refined, laser-targeted Marketing Strategy! Then lather, rinse, repeat.

Rich Sadler
Your Own Marketing Director

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