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Our Secret Sauce

The secret to our approach is extremely simple. Allow us to illustrate:


But seriously – we have a strict policy against B.S. around here – we shoot straight and tell it like it is. Sometimes client don’t WANT to hear
it, but we’ve found over the years those are often exactly the clients who NEED to hear it the most.As our colleague, radio show guest and good friend Michael Gerber, author of the infamous E-Myth series of bestselling books states: “YOU are the Problem in Your Business”. Yes, while it certainly doesn’t apply to all entrepreneurs and business owners, its uncomfortably true for some, sometimes it really is the case. However there is ALWAYS a fix. Always a way to turn things around. And it all starts with removing the B.S!That being said, how about we go ahead right now and share with you some of the SECRETS behind the astonishing growth and success of so many of our cherished clients… Check it out in this simple brief video below >>>




Here at Caribbean Marketing Director we’re dedicated to Empowering and Energizing Caribbean Business-Owners and those wishing to Penetrate the Unique Caribbean marketplace to Discover and Capitalize on Cutting-Edge Research, Effective and Efficient Marketing Strategies and Systems Proven to Increase Sales and Out-Perform ANY Competition!