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There are typically 3 types of businesses:

1) Successful, but always improving and doing things smarter

2) “Stuck” or “Stagnant”, with no little or no growth

3) Sinking Ship, sales and prospects slipping

GREAT NEWS: No matter which situation you find your business in, you will benefit tremendously from Caribbean Marketing Director and the following services offered…

Caribbean Marketing Director

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Enhancing the New Client Acquisition Process

One of the valuable strategies that we impart for our clients is to make adjustments in their Client Acquisition Process. Many business owners, especially those in business for quite a while, developed their systems for dealing with new clients many years ago. However let’s face it; the old economy is gone, done, over. The techniques and methods on growing and marketing a business will not work in this New, Emerging economy. We will share with you the newest innovative strategies for faster, smarter business growth for increased profits and most importantly for your freedom as an entrepreneur…

Endorsed Mailing to a Champion Circle of Influence

By far, THE best list AND one of the best direct-mail strategies is the Endorsed Mailing Strategy – a cutting-edge method whereby 100% gets opened.

This technique is especially viable if you have even one exceptionally affluent client who is your ‘champion’; he has a “private” list of other equally affluent people. A letter from him to those who know him, on his stationery, mailed in his envelope, introducing and recommending you and your company/product/service as the way to go – with or followed by invitation for those people to get free information from you. That offer must be right on target and irresistible to the recipients, to get as many as possible to move from his list (which you probably can’t use repeatedly) to giving you permission to communicate directly with them.

Also we can marry this “Endless Chain Of Referrals”…. through such a mailing, the one client yields two, who, through the same kind of mailings, each yield two, who each yield two, who each yield two and so on. Etc, etc.

Written Policies and Procedures Manuals for All Departments/Divisions

There’s simply no way around it: running a successful business requires the Four P’s; [1] Policies [2] Planning [3] Procedures [4] Pro-activity. Period. And these vital components intersects with your marketing endeavors in a multitude of areas.

We show you how to develop your imperative policy & procedure manuals when you really just don’t have the time. We put into place several mechanisms so that your manuals can be built in just a few moments each day and then in very brief time segments each week (30-45 minutes). We advocate that you sit down with yourself and later with your staff with the Four P’s in mind and you are going to engage in the PROACTIVE process of improving every area of your business. We show you how to do just that for your business.

If you don’t have the Four-P’s, it’s up to each individual employee to decide everything from how they perceive customer treatment to sales and closing procedures and handling complaints, objects or returns to even filing and closing systems. Without a constant focus on the Four P’s, everything in your organization will vary according to the individual talent, skill and even the mood of each employee or staff member.

Relationship Marketing and Creating Celebrity – ‘Shameless’ Self Promotion

One thing that we have discovered in speaking to thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals is that everyone thinks their particular business is different. Well they’re probably right. Every one has something different or special about their business. But the mistake they often make is keeping it a secret. You have a great opportunity to promote yourself and your business and the best part is that you can do it for a nominal cost – some of the best and least costly are Press Release and Public Relations, Social Media, Networking Groups etc. Of course the trick is knowing How to do it, Where to send to, Who to address it to, What to say, in What order, etc. We educate the interested parties and build trust via the above conveyed properly while providing immediate response, timely follow-through and enhancing creditability.

12 Competencies, One Hour Per Week

After thousands of consulting sessions and extensive research on behalf of our clients, we’ve discovered that there are 12 areas of competency that make for an excellent organization. Once we focus on these areas, once per week, for one hour per week, you will start to see a marked improvement in your business.

The key is your efforts will be proactive and, more important, consistent. The lessons we’ve learned about consistency have taught us that it is the only way to really improve anything. The secret to great accomplishment in karate is not in learning 4000 different moves. There aren’t 4000 different moves in karate. There are 12 moves. Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 different moves; it’s about doing 12 moves, 4000 times each. The same is true for all areas of accomplishment. Golf, tennis, sales, customer service, ALL areas of competency require repetition of fundamentals.

1) Skill Enhancement Through Training
2) Strategy Vs. Tactics
3) Get Customers
4) Effective Presenting
5) Master The Telephone
6) The 12 steps To Capture Your Best Buyers
7) Follow Up
8) Time Management
9) Goal Setting
10) Traits Of Overachievers
11) Hiring and Motivating
12) Understanding The Sales Process

Strategic Up-Sell, Down-Sell, Cross-Sell Programs

Statistically the easiest client/customer to sell to is one who is buying from you currently: your present client/customer. The questions comes down to;
“Are my clients buying as much from me as they could?”
ie “What else could I be selling to my present client?”
“Are my clients buying from me as often as they could?”
ie “How can I increase the frequency in which my clients buy?”
Lost Customer Reactivation Program

If a current client is the easiest to sell to and a referral customer is the second easiest to sell, then whom do you think is the third easiest customer to sell? The answer is “lost customers.” Again, most entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals totally ignore the client/customer that have NOT been in touch or in their store for several months or years, when in fact, these people are infinitely easier to sell than new customers (and far less expensive than chasing anew) – if you know how. That is precisely what we do for you.

Multi-Step, Multi-Media Sequence Direct Response Marketing Campaign

Results-oriented accurately tracked and measured, message-linked, strategically timed marketing campaign (collaborative or otherwise) targeted at designated market segments from your current data base, obtained rented market mailing list or via affiliate partners. The purpose is to magnetically attract your ideal prospects (and often to repel those we do want) to make create an insatiable, ardent desire for them to make contact in order to satisfy our intended outcome i.e. Generate a minimum of __% to __% of these targeted prospects to become new cherished clients serving their needs, protecting and growing their interests while providing an increased, passive income for you and your business.

Development or Perfecting of Company Mission Statement, USP and Core-Story

A Mission Statement defines in a paragraph or so your company’s reason for existence. It embodies its philosophies, goals, ambitions and more. Any entity that attempts to operate without a mission statement runs the risk of wandering through the world without having the ability to verify that it is on its intended course.

Having a solid, unwavering USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is vital to any business. A definitive USP allows you to break through the advertising clutter and designate who you are and what you offer better than any other business in your industry or offer similar good and services. A tailored USP is vital and starts with answering the following question”:
“Why Should Your Prospects Choose To Do Business With YOU Versus Any And Every Other Option Available To Them?” (including doing nothing!)

Your Core (or Signature) Story is about communicating the essence of who you are and the things you do, background and clarification of why the business exists and what makes you unique in the marketplace, what void you fill and how best you can service the needs of your intended clients, how you improve your customer’s condition. It’s important to, whenever possible, use market research and stop selling and start educating – – – Knowledge is Power!

•Build information that positions you strategically above all of your competitors.
•Be positioned as an expert in the eyes of your clients.
•Dramatically upgrade the “influence” you’ll have.
•Show market data that makes having your product more important.
•Build in a sense of urgency that makes your buyers buy faster.

Advertising Critiques

Hand us ANY marketing, advertising or promotional piece you’ve done in the past (or intend to) and we’ll provide you a professional Specially-Tailored Advertising Critique.

From our over 25 years of experience we analysis your print or broadcast ads, brochures, rack cards, business cards, billboards, sales letters, logos, Power Point, Keynote or other visual presentations, follow up letters, thank you cards, lift notes, certificates, offers, specials, menus – anything and everything related to the world of marketing.

You’ll receive a customized detailed analysis based upon multiple criteria including: general comments and your understanding of direct-response marketing, headlines, subheads, spacing / formatting / cosmetics, meaningful specifics vs. vague generalities, accomplishing its primary job, compelling score, presence or absence of testimonials, features vs. benefits, power of your Unique Selling Proposition, confusing/meandering vs. clarity of message, organization and logistical, proven sales formula, style, offer & call to action, guarantee and application of all of the above to the media chosen and accompanying recommendations.

Devise Large Ideal Commercial Client Capturing Program

Due to your large and well cared for data-base / mailing list of current and past customers it should be relatively easy for us to access what commercial clients we can approach. And the best part is with our strategic programs its not very costly to get to them and secure the relationship and the business. Suffice to say there are a number of these ideal clients we can go after and will be well worth it once you’ve landed them.

Strategic Referral Program

The second easiest customer to sell to is a referral.
Unfortunately, most business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals live with the myth that if they treat their customers and clients great and provide them great service and quality products, their customers will refer their friends to them. WRONG. The lack of a referral program is a HUGE marketing mistake. The last thing that anyone is thinking when they leave your store or complete your appointment is – whom can I send to these nice people so that they can buy from them. It’s not because they don’t want to. It’s because we are all too busy to be thinking about it. That’s why you need to have a “Strategic Referral System” in place, like for instance a Customer Rewards program which will give your customers an incentive to refer – while they are still in your store or in your presence – while they’re still feeling the warm & fuzzys from what you provided.

Review and Enhance Customer Data Collection system

Admittedly most of our clients are doing an adequate job at this one however its worth pointing out because there are ways to maximize this systems. The real goldmine in ANY business is in the customer base. It is 10 times easier to get an existing customer to return than it is to get a new customer. Plus, returning customers will spend twice as much per visit as new customers. What would happen to your businesses if you had to constantly rely on selling new customers instead of existing ones? So why do so many business owner not collect the necessary information to allow them to continue to market to their most valuable asset—THEIR CUSTOMERS?

Altering the Buying Criteria and Perfecting Your Strategies Objectives

We strategically dig-deep on every business and/or marketing challenge you’re facing and view each as opportunities to out-think competitive approaches.

Example: when you or your salespeople get in front of a client or customer, what do you want to accomplish? Most executives and business owners answer tactically: “I want to make a sale.” However we submit that you likely have other strategic objectives besides and in addition to simply making a sale. For instance;

  • Would you like to be respected?
  • Would you like to be trusted?
  • Would you like referrals?
  • Would you like a preemptive strategy for when your competitors try to undercut your pricing?
  • Would you like to be perceived as an expert?
  • Would you like to have influence in that meeting?
  • How about brand loyalty? Is that important?
  • What about some urgency to buy now? Would that be a good thing?

If you even think about these objectives, doesn’t it automatically change how that meeting might go? So much of the sales process and potential strategic objectives are left up to the individual salesperson—every time. What if you, as the leader of your company, could devise a way to accomplish all those strategic objectives, and do them every time anyone in your company is in front of a buyer? How much more powerful would you be over your competition?

Val-Pack Style Mailer

A great guerilla tactic that when completed correctly will not cost you one thin dime. Our joint venture co-op version is where you and your business monopolize or dominate – and you ride along for free – and you own the outside graphic on the envelope as well.

Newsletter Marketing

One of the very best ‘keeping-in-touch’ mechanisms you can have in your marketing tool box and no doubt one of the most efficient. Benefits are lengthy but just a few are:

+ Higher brand recall and association.

Instead of waiting for client/customers to get in touch with you when they have problems or want to buy, newsletters offer you a way of interacting with ‘dormant’ customers, cross-selling other related products and adding value through info like product care tips and more. So the next time customers want to upgrade to a more sophisticated product or service, you’re the first brand they think of.

+ Personalized and targeted customer communication

Unlike other forms of communication that are difficult and inconvenient to personalize, email and mailed business newsletters are a breeze. We use professional email marketing services so we automatically add the recipient’s name to every newsletter for that extra warmth. You can even manage your email lists in a way that classifies your customer base according to various attributes like demographics, physiographic geographical location and much more. This helps us send targeted communication to different profiles of customers. + Plus it provides you quicker, wider reach:

Next time you have a new release of a service or product, we can wait no longer than the click of a button to let customers and prospects know about it. That’s because of the power of bulk email. With your own company newsletter, you can reach millions of customers across the world in an instant.

Plus when sending your newsletter via email it’s a cost-effective solution and environment-friendly.

Complete Review and Initiation of Systems for the 10P Marketing Mix

Planning | Product | Packaging | Positioning | Place | Price | Promotion |People |Persistence| Procedures

and Much Much More!

Other services available…

Business Plan Development – that Provides Focuses and Gets Funded

Juicy Bribe (Special Reports, Giveaway, etc)

Client Appreciation Sales, Promotions, etc.

JV Programs with other businesses

Price Elasticity – Raising Rates and Maintaining Price Integrity

Event Marketing (Parties, Seminars, Workshops, Wine Tasting, Scavenger Hunts)

Scripts – Salesforce and All Other Departments)

Future Business Sale for Maximum Cash While Minimizing Your Involvement

Maximizing Any and All Suppliers and Vendors Co-Operative Programs Available

Branding, Design and Logos

Secret Shopper (Fresh Eyes, etc)

Niche Product and Service Creation

Copy Writing and Perfecting Current Marketing Materials

Demonstration and Visual Presentation Enhancement

Dream 100 and Farm Area – Ideal Client Concentration

Lead Generation and Traffic Building Programs

Conversion Strategies

Complete and Comprehensives Marketing Plan (quarterly, annually, long-term)

Perfecting Your Negotiating Positioning Process

Altering Discount Programs to Value-Added Programs

Contests, incentives awards programs

Hire Superstars and Constant Auto-Pilot Training

And much, much more…!

The most important tool we bring to the table is CONSISTENCY and PROACTIVE, LASER-FOCUS – which applied with the right vigor and STRATEGIES, provides incredible MOMENTUM.Once you hire us to be Your Own Marketing Director and together we consistently implement each of these recommendations above, you will experience an ever-improving organization that becomes bulletproof in the face of the massive change and onslaught of commercial clutter.And remember…. It’s all about results! Not opinions. RESULTS!

Caribbean Business Growth Training


Caribbean Business Growth Training