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Seven Ds to Success

Seven Ds to Success

The Seven Ds – Pathway to Success
What it takes to REALLY succeed in business

You have to REALLY want to Have It, Become It, Be It! Also known as a BURNING DESIRE to Succeed
You have to REALLY have that gut full of energy and ambition, the Get-up-and-Go and Vitality that propels you forward each and every minute, hour, day.
Must be a true Superstar / Rockstar to make it in this day & age… you must be a Dynamo!
You have to be not just interested in succeeding but you have to be Enthusiastically Committed to it!
It’s vital for you to have a Keen Perseverance and a Loyalty to your Goal. To the point that people may even call you fanatical.
You have to be “On Purpose” and possess Unwavering Willpower, Fortitude and Unquestioned Resolve that allows nothing to distract you from your goal. Also known as FIERCE DETERMINATION
And finally…
You have to have steadfast Self-control and Self-restraint to refrain from doing or taking the easy path or the short-term pleasure and instead exercise Strict Control and Master Obedience to your goal

Very often, we may have the “desire” to achieve something dynamic, but perhaps we don’t have the “drive” and “determination” to go the distance. To do this, we need to be a true “dynamo” possessing serious “dedication” and this means to invest our time systematically, exercise laser-focus and be highly “devoted”. To do this takes its one final yet fundamental characteristic: ‘DISCIPLINE’!

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